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My nick is MNEMO. Since 2006 year I am researching 3DO hardware.
As result was developed 9 devices for 3DO.
Also in 2007, I started programming under 3DO SDK, (some result 1, 2)  but without 3DO Dev. Station, it's headache.
In 2009, SDK programming was abandoned.
I would be glad to buy your 3DO Dev. Station in any condition.
Also if you have any rare broken 3DO hardware I can help you fix it.

3DO Beavis and Butt-head repair service
ATARI Beavis and Butt-head repair

Зарелизил USB Host Controller for 3DO.

Добавил презентацию 3DO IDE adapter с поддержкой HDD.

Добавил IDE-XBUS контроллер.

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